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Put your stunner shades on. Here's how the site has progressed, and some plans for the future:

v.01 - Total bare bones. At this point the only thing I had was a JSON dump of game titles.

v.02 - Some basic styling. I was doing more than just javascript alerting the game titles and play times. A lot of changes were happening as I experimented with some new technologies.

v.03 - Steam OpenID sign-in was the biggie here. This made my backend a lot cleaner - prior to this change, I didn't have a reliable way to get the 1 true Steam ID that works with all of my use cases. Now that I had that one golden Steam ID, I could use some of their developer APIs to pull back much cooler data.

v0.5 - A ton of stuff. Achievement stats are now shown, pages got a MAJOR facelift (now in stunning color), a thorough cleanup of the codebase. This one felt big enough to switch out of ridiculous versioning mode (.02, or version two hundredths? That doesn't even sound like a real thing.)

Plans - Sooner or later I'm going to start saving achievements and game times, so a bunch of cool things can happen. Leaderboards, comparing with friends (that doesn't have to wait), quicker load times for a bunch of stuff, automatic resyncing of profiles, cool graphs, achievements over time, total gametime over time, comparisons on relative ease of achievements. Soon!

v0.6 - Completely rewritten in Ruby using Rails 4.